The Munros are mountains in Scotland with a height of over 3000ft and take their name from the first list of such hills published in 1891 by Victorian mountaineer Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet of Lindertis. Revised several times in the years since, most recently in 2012, the official list now features 282 peaks.

This guide is for anyone who wants to climb the Munros. It aims to provide reliable routes and tips for ascending all of these magical 282 peaks. The other half of the deal is that you have to provide the energy and enthusiasm to make it as enjoyable and safe as possible. Setting out to climb all the Munros is to embark on a huge adventure. No two mountains are the same; weather conditions, companions – and the state of your squashed sandwiches and frozen Mars bars – make every outing different.

The Munros will ensure you reach parts of Scotland you might otherwise overlook, spend memorable evenings in pubs, bothies and wild camps, and have encounters with other walkers, locals and wildlife that enhance the adventure regardless of whether you get to the top of one Munro or all of them.

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