We are so happy to be back open after an 'interesting' 21 months - the pandemic, a flooded shop and contracting COVID-19!

To ensure both staff and customer safety we are continuing to limit the number of customers in the shop to 4 at a time. If there are already 4 customers in we'd be hugely grateful if you could queue outside until space is available. Thanks so much!

Please sanitise your hands on entering and exiting the store.

We will serve customers as quickly as we can but we are a friendly shop, and we don't want to rush anyone. We want you to feel welcome and relaxed when you are visiting. We have a lot of gifts, cards and art so please understand if the people in front of you take a bit longer than expected to browse once they are inside.

Many thanks!

Suzi x

Open since August 2015 to showcase art and gifts from talented artists and makers from across Scotland.