A gorgeous combination of lavender and palmarosa essential oils from Crieff based Planet Soap.

The soap is coloured by red sandalwood powder, known for its anti-acne and healing properties. With the slightly grainy texture of the sandalwood, this is a great soap for gentle exfoliation.  

Lavender has a calming scent  is also well known for its healing qualities, and palmarosa is known for a balancing effect on the emotions and on the skin oils.

Min weight 100g

Ingredients : Saponified oils - olive oil, sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, water, lavender flowers, lavender essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, red sandalwood powder.

Handmade product - may vary slightly from image

Allergen information: The essential oils naturally contain geraniol, citronellol, and farsenol.

Qty available:3

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