This Bothy Ballad scented candle is created by Scribe & Grow and is inspired by Scotland's bothys. Wee huts used as refuge in the mountains.

Vanilla and smokey chocolate whiskey with a strong peat side.

Grow Candles are handmade on the Isle of Skye with eco soy wax & beautifully scented oil. Each candle has a seed-infused paper disc inside. When the candle is done, you simply wash out the tin and use it as a plant pot! What a brilliant idea!


When your candle is done, give the tin a quick wash. Tear paper up into small pieces & soak the paper in water or run under a tap. Place 1-2cm of stones at the bottom of the tin, top with soil, and then your wet card. sprinkle a small amount of soil on top of the seed card. Keep the soil and paper moist in a warm and light environment, but not constantly wet.

Ideally, plant February - July

Qty available:7

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