Traditional Scottish tablet is a sweet confectionery made with butter, sugar, and condensed milk, cooked to a caramelised consistency. It has a crumbly and creamy texture with a sweet, buttery flavour – similar to fudge but with a more firm and grainy texture.

Granny’s tablet is always the best tablet… and that’s why the Kilted Fudge Company's tablet recipes are built on what Granny taught them.

This superbly sweet treat is the one of the most tradtional of Scottish flavours – maybe even above porridge or haggis!

These bags contain delicious Granny's Tablet with added sea salt!! 2 Classics brought together as 1 taste experience!

Size 160g Bags

Made in Scotland 

Ingredients: BUTTER, sugar, whole MILK, sweetened condensed MILK (Whole MILK, sugar, skimmed MILK), Potassium Sorbet, salt

• Contains: Milk

Qty available:24

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