Funky and thought provoking A4 print from Ardrossan based geologist and artist, Gayle Plenderleith! This is just one in a series - please see separate listings.

Here's what Gayle has to say about her artwork:

"Growing up on the west coast of Scotland, it was easy to become enchanted with wild environments. When I am hiking, my favourite moments are when I can catch a glimpse of a world with no roads, buildings or other obvious signs of human imprint. However, the reality is that most of our environment has been altered in some way by people.

The natural environment and humans' attempt to control and interact with it are a huge inspiration to my work. As a geologist, I spend my days building simplistic models of extremely complex and variable areas of the subsurface. This cellular approach has informed my drawing style, where I use a digital drawing software. The resulting landscapes portray a hyper-constructed natural environment."

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