King of the Birds' original screen print from local artist, Abbie Lois.

This print is inspired by the folklore of how the little wren became King of the Birds. It is said that once, the birds all gathered together to decide a new King. They determined that the best way to decide, would be a contest of which bird could fly the highest. Little wren knew that eagle was likely to win, so he hid himself amongst eagle's tail feathers before the contest began. As eagle indeed reached the highest point, wren snuck out from his feathers and flew just that little bit higher. When the birds returned to land, wren was declared King of the Birds.

Limited edition of 40 - these prints are created from Abbie's own original drawings, and each one is screen printed by her. They are then titled and signed in pencil.

Printed onto heavyweight Somerset paper, and each print measures 297 x 420mm with a hand torn edge. There may be slight variations in each print due to the print being hand-printed - it only ensures you have a completely unique print!

* Please note that the poster frame in the image is not included in the print. *


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