'Daphne' original four-layer screen print from local artist, Abbie Lois.

Daphne was an Ancient Greek naiad (a female water nymph). She was pursued by the Greek god Apollo, after he was struck by a curse that which made him lustful for Daphne. She on the other hand, was simultaneously struck by a curse that ensured she hated the touch of any man.

As Apollo chased her, she wished for help from Gaia, the earth-mother. As Apollo reached out and tried to kiss her, she transformed into a laurel tree. Apollo was still so enamoured by her, even as a tree, that from then onwards he became associated with the laurel tree - wearing a crown of laurel, and his lyre and quiver being made from its wood.

To this day, the Greek for laurel tree is Daphne.

Edition of 30 - these prints are created from Abbie's own original drawings, and each one is screen printed by her. They are then titled and signed in pencil.

Printed onto heavyweight Somerset paper, and each print measures 297 x 420mm with a hand torn edge. There may be slight variations in each print due to the print being hand-printed - it only ensures you have a completely unique print!

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