Natural wax candle handcrafted by Mella Soaps on the Shetland Islands! It had been scented with the finest fragrance oils. In a stylish aluminium tin with lid, fully recyclable and super useful and reusable.

This hand-poured natural eco soy wax candle has a Seaweed and Juniper scent which is fresh and clean, like the fresh scent of the waves crashing against the rocks.

The large 250g candle burns for around 45 hours.

The small 100g candle burns for approximately 20 hours.

Make sure you burn all the way to the edge on the first burn so that it burns all the way to the bottom, not a single drop of wax wasted! Keep the wick trimmed to about 5mm for a good clean burn.

Please take care and place on a heat resistant surface and never leave unattended.

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