Eco Sponge Cloths are made from natural materials (70% cotton, 30% cellulose) and are compostable and plastic-free. They’re washable and reusable and a far more sustainable option compared to cleaning cloths containing synthetic fibres.

Boasting fantastic cleaning abilities due to the natural material composition, these cloths are super absorbent and such a useful addition to any kitchen. They’re also naturally anti-bacterial due to their quick-drying ability which means less chance of microbial growth and no dreaded dishcloth odours!

- Set contains 3 cloths: 1 x crescent moons and stars, 1 x multi-botanical print, 1 x plant print
- Made from cotton and natural cellulose (wood pulp)
- Water-based inks
- Plastic-free product and packaging
- Recycled paper band
- Dimensions: 17.5cm x 20cm
- 100% home compostable
- Machine washable up to 200 times
- Super absorbent: each cloth can hold 15x its own weight in liquid
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