The Uphouse Crafts Shetland Tweed keyring is perfect for you if you don’t like the feel of metal on your hands, or you don’t like holding keys in your hands. The fabric loop lets you slip your fingers through and feel the wool that never feels too cold.

They are great for car keys so you tell different cars apart, or to add to kids backpacks so they can tell there backpack apart from others. Likewise you could attach them to luggage to tell them apart from everyone else.

Each keyring is made from Shetland Wool Tweed sourced from Mainland U.K. The wool used in Shetland Tweed is from the Shetland Sheep breed (not Sheep in Shetland).

They are 2.5cm wide and 9cm long.

They are handmade in Shetland by Uphouse Crafts. Each Keyring will be different as it is handmade and uses a different section of the tweed pattern, they Keyring you receive may not look identical to the ones pictured, but they will be made from the same fabric and colour that you order.

It is not advised to hand wash the Shetland Tweed Keyring. If you need to spot clean with a damp cloth by gently blotting any marks, don’t rub the marks as this may leave marks.

Matching Wallet and Bag also available.

Qty available:4

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