'Phoenix' - another stunning, framed print from local artist and photographer, Andy Hurst of Hidden Hand Art & Design.

This is what Andy said about it:

'This is 'Phoenix', an explosive blast of positivity and fiery heat from deep in the textures of the hibernating wood and naked tree's. Somethingto think about.'

Andy's work is super popular as it makes you think and encourages you to look at your surroundings and urban architecture in a different way.

Andy blends his printing background, photography and creativity to create stunning artwork and we have a few available from his portfolio.

We're delighted to announce that this particular framed print is exclusive to us (except from Andy direct).

The frame measures approximately 33.5cm square and the image is 19cm square.

Signed by Andy on the front and reverse.


Giclee pigment print mounted in black, solid wood frame.

Qty available:2

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